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Tyre Hang Workbench Kit

Don't forget to order the End Bay Kit for each run An incredibly functional combination of hang space, workbench area and a shelf space to store parts. Stands free and fully adjustable.
This kit includes: 1 x Standard Wall Bay Assembly 2 x Shelf 1 x Tyre Bar 1 x Workbench Display Dimensions: [Standard Assembly] 2700mm H x 560mm D x 916mm W 106 2/8'' H x 22'' D x 36 1/8'' W [Low Ceiling Assembly] 2400mm H x 560mm D x 916mm W 94 4/8'' H x 22'' D x 36 1/8'' W [Workbench] 1060mm* H x 630mm D x 911mm W 41 6/8''* H x 24 6/8'' D x 35 7/8'' W *Height adjustable SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.
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