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Bike Lifter PRO Type 2

Special Price USDĀ 349.38 Regular Price USDĀ 698.76
Like the Bike Lifter Basic, this patented stand allows you to store three bikes per stand, with sets linking together easily. It is compatible with most BMX, Road, 29'' and Mountain Bikes, comfortably holding 15kg, with the capacity to hold up to 20kg. With its innovative design and modern, clean finish, the Bike Lifter Pro is an efficient, stylish and safe way to display bikes and maximise accessibility. In pure, economic terms, the Bike Lifter Pro will increase sales through facilitating excellent customer service while significantly improving your floor yield.
Shipping Dimensions: 655mm H x 1255mm D x 275mm W 25 7/8'' H x 49 4/8'' D x 10 7/8'' W Display Dimensions: [Stand Only] 2300mm H x 1235mm D x 600mm W 90 4/8'' H x 48 5/8'' D x 23 5/8'' W [Bikes Included] 2420mm H x 1750mm D x 600mm W 95 2/8'' H x 68 7/8'' D x 23 5/8'' W SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.
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